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Jun 1, 2011

Home Sweet TLF

I am now blogging to you from the comfort of our fabulous 2 bedroom, water view room at the base TLF!! This place is like paradise compared to sleeping on an air mattress and eating with plastic cutlery. That whole minimalistic lifestyle is for the birds! D and I made it through 5 days of it...barely. I have to admit, the first night in our box laden house was kind of exciting. We had a nice little set up with an old computer screen with our laptops connected acting as a TV so we could watch shows on Hulu. We also had D's external hard drive, which is full of movies, to keep us entertained. I thought to myself, "This isn't so bad!"...but after day 3 and numerous hours of lost sleep because of the nagging crick in my neck (stupid air mattress!!!), I'd had enough and so had D. 

Dinner a la laundry basket. This is what cleaning out the fridge looks like. Chicken nuggets, a salad and celery concoction, and creamed corn. Wasn't all that bad. 

{Our makeshift Holiday Inn}

Granted, we could have used that time to focus on one another and spending some real quality time enjoying each others company without any distractions...but when the living conditions are less than desirable, it can make you crabby. And quite frankly, it was hard to enjoy the time we had left in our temporary home because we were both constantly dreading thinking about the next set of movers that would be coming the next day...and the next day...and the next. 

 Is this in the right pile? Should we store this or take it with us? 
Do we really need that many pillows?
Don't forget to tell them to get the lawnmower in the back yard! 
( I just knew we'd forget about the back yard.)
Oh my gosh, we left the butter dish in the fridge! We won't have a butter dish in Germany now!

These were all the worries that had been swirling around in my head for the last 5 days. Seriously, the whole butter dish thing really threw me for a loop. I had been so meticulous in remembering everything down to the very last detail, but I forgot about the glass butter dish sitting butter-less in the refrigerator. At that point, I was done. Done with all the random people coming in and out of my home, done with pulling nails and screws out of the walls, and done being "Ok" with sleeping on the floor. This move has taken MUCH longer and had many more moving parts than I'd ever experienced before. I am SO glad it's finally over...for a little while at least. We will still have to deal with all of this moving nonsense when we get to Germany. Such is life.

Ok so back to this gigantic water view mini apartment we are currently inhabiting. It truly is lovely! Either that, or living one more day in our basically empty home has actually warped my mind into thinking a stink hole is really the Taj Mahal. Either way, D and I are in TLF heaven. I feel as though the TLF gods were smiling upon us both as we stood, weary, at the check-in counter. The receptionist must have seen the sweat pouring off of both of our unkempt faces (did I mention it was in the lower 90's and humid all week? I didn't? Well, I must have had a heat stroke and forgot). She asked us if we were newlyweds just moving here...I laughed...we politely corrected her, got our keys and fumbled our giant bags of luggage to our 9th floor room. When I say fumbled, I mean I literally dragged my rolling suitcase wheels up in the air the last 50 ft down the hall out of sheer frustration.

 Our temporary digs!

 The view!

My happy, but tired hubby!

View from the kitchen sink.

When we opened the door and finally got inside the room, D and I turned from run down, grouchy people into giddy 4th graders who just got their bunk assignments at summer camp! We were so excited to have furniture...so excited to have a bedroom (two bedrooms to be exact!) and full kitchen...and so excited to see the beautiful ocean view from the 5 sprawling windows along the back wall of the room. After exploring the room and squealing like little school girls, we finally slipped into our PJs, heated up a pizza, and vegged out on the couch for the rest of the night, basking in the bliss of our temporary Ritz Carlton-esque living.

After all the uncomfortable-ness of the week, I must admit, the whole move went very smoothly...the butter dish was the only minor hiccup, if you can even call it that. I didn't think this would happen, but I got a little emotional as I took one last look around the house. D was outside doing something in the car, so I walked around the house to make sure we hadn't forgotten anything. Immediately, thoughts of moving in just 9 short months ago came flooding back into my mind. Even though I hadn't gotten super attached to this home, mainly because we hadn't lived there long, this place helped me get through D's first deployment. It was the home I spent the majority of the deployment in learning how to take care of myself and growing as a person out my own. I don't know why that didn't hit me until I was about to walk out the door for the last time. That home had been good to me, good to us, and I hope the next family that is lucky enough to live there enjoys it as much as we did. We turned in the keys to the housing office this morning and have almost closed the Virginia chapter of our lives. 

 I took this photo the day before I moved in 9 months ago...without D.

The house.

My last photo in the house...with D. Bittersweet.

Just 5 more days left here in Virginia...then it's home to NC for two weeks of family and friends. As excited as I am, and as much as I would have denied it in the past, I really will miss this busy peninsula city. 

But, Germany sounds pretty nice too, right? ;)


  1. I'll be in your shoes tomorrow! We have our air mattress ready to go! I have totally taken inventory of our fridge, too. Our next week's meals will be extremely random.

  2. I can't begin to tell you just how much I enjoy reading your blog! Your literary talent continues to amaze me dear dil....I'm already looking forward to the next chapter....Love you! M


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