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May 19, 2011

Full Speed Ahead!

Time for my weekly Germany update! Aren't you excited?!

{D and I at Busch Gardens in a "German" store a few weekends ago. Do we look German yet? :)}
Things are really moving along now! Last Friday morning, we FINALLY met with TMO and officially put in our request for specific moving days. The lady we met with seemed on edge and slightly annoyed that we needed the movers to come earlier than the 3 week notice that they usually require. Tough cookies, lady. If we had gotten our orders in a timely manner, we wouldn't be here begging for moving days only 2 weeks out...but I digress. D and I left that meeting feeling even more nervous that we were going to have to totally change our attack plan. It's funny, you seem to only have a "Plan A". There is always a "Plan B" in theory, but no one ever actually plans out what plan B would be. You just pray to God it never has to go there...and that's exactly what we were doing.

Thankfully, literally 4 hours after we left the ominous meeting, we got a phone call from the first moving company confirming our dates for packing and moving our Household Goods! YAY! For all you non-military readers, this is only one of the three (yes, THREE!) sets of movers we will encounter for our move to Germany. The household goods shipment is basically all of our big stuff...furniture, clothes, home decor, grill...it's the largest shipment and takes the longest (up to 60 days as of now) to arrive in Germany. The second shipment will be our Unaccompanied Baggage. This shipment is usually picked up before the household goods shipment and is full of stuff that we will need right after our hotel stay in Germany. It will contain towels, pillows, sheets, a few kitchen items like plates, silverware, cups, a few pots/pans, any summer clothing we couldn't fit in our suitcases, a small TV, and DVDs...anything that we might need to get by until our household goods stuff arrives. The last set of movers will be for storage....things we know we can't take or don't have room for in Germany will get stored here in VA until we return to the states 3 years from now. That will include our washer and dryer, small household appliances that aren't dual voltage, our lawnmower, vacuum, miscellaneous holiday decor and stuff we've had stored in the basement and never seem to pull out of boxes. 

Shortly after we got that first call confirming the dates of our household goods move, we got calls for the other 2 moves! TRIPLE YAY! We got all the dates we had requested and everything is on schedule. Yet another prayer answered! Praise the Lord! So, there you have it. All of these lovely people will be knocking at our door at various times throughout next week, starting Tuesday! 

One of the great things about moving with the military is that they pack everything for you. Yep, I basically can't pre-pack anything...if I do, they'll just unpack it and re-pack it when they get here. All D and I have to do is take things off the wall, remove curtains/curtain rods, and unplug everything from the wall. I also go a bit further and organize piles to make the moving process go a little faster. The rest will be taken care of! As nice as that is...it's also pretty nerve wracking having strangers in your home (all day, for at least 4 days) touching your stuff. I hate that part. True, the whole "ya break it, ya bought it" thing comes into play, but still...it's no fun. You spend the entire day hovering over the movers making sure they are handling everything with care and trying to make small talk so it won't look like you are watching their every move (even though you totally are!). This process, although it may seem relaxing to not have to pack things yourself, is super uncomfortable and stressful. Not to mention, I just did this whole moving thing 8 months ago completely on my own (thanks honey!...grrr). I will be looking forward to the end of next week with a passion!

{What life will look like for us next week. Awesome, right?}
So, as of now, we've got movers scheduled, utilities like cable and internet ready to be shut off, TLF (temporary living facility or on base hotel as I Iike to call it) booked for 5 nights after we've moved out of the house, finally got my no-fee passport in (another answered prayer!), and our official port call date confirmed!!! We finally know what day, time, and where we will be flying out of to Germany! And let me tell you...we are going to be exhausted when we get there...9 hour flight starting in the wee (I mean very wee) hours of the morning. Jet lag is going to be horrible.

D still has some out processing things to complete, but it's the easy, non-time sensitive stuff. After our 5 day stay in TLF, we will have a full 15 days back home in NC to spend time with our family and friends before we fly out. I am especially looking forward to that! For now, we are busy busy and SUPER excited about the things to come! Continue to keep us in your prayers for a smooth move and that neither D nor I kill one another in the process! 

{A photo I sent D during my solo move 8 months ago. Thumbs up! It will get done!}
Onward and upward we go!

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