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May 17, 2011

Air Show Weekend!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of having my parents and my little sister spend 3 full days in VA with us! It was great to have them up for another visit...sadly to be the last time they'll be in VA and they were out last visitors in our lovely house. Bittersweet, but exciting! One of the main reasons they came for a visit was because of the fabulous Air Show being held on base! The base had one the first year we were stationed here, but last year it got pulled for money reasons. I guess the economy was still not doing any better and the Air Force didn't want to ruffle any feathers by burning taxpayers dollars in the form of jet fuel. As sad as it was, I totally understood. I'm just happy they decided to bring it back this year...appropriately enough, our last month in VA. We had a wonderful time and saw lots of amazing aircraft. My dad was in heaven! He loves this kind of stuff and had never been to an air show before. Made me happy to share it with him. 

We ate corn dogs, visited vendors, and got a little sunburned. Ok, alot sunburned!! It was overcast most of the day and we all totally skipped the sunscreen. Stupid us...we knew better. Now, D has nice raccoon eyes from his sunglasses. He caught a little flack from the guys at work yesterday. Kind of funny, actually. Anyway, on to the pictures...there's lots of them!

Our happy little Air Force family...minus Tucker dog.

All female parachuting team! Go girls!

The cutest and coolest trick helicopter I've ever seen. His name is Otto!

Otto with his yo-yo!

Otto showing his skills maneuvering around a traffic cone.

The F-22's are grounded due to a mechanical recall. I was super disappointed my Dad didn't get to see them fly in person. They are AWESOME!

My happy Dad

Me and my "twin"

The Thunderbirds!

Army Parachute Team

D and his yummy strawberry lemonade!

You can tell Wendy isn't used to hearing planes flying around all day. TOO LOUD! It's the sound of freedom!

The GEICO Skytypers

So cool! Makes me proud to be an American...and proud to be a MilSpouse!

Dinner at Joe's after the Air Show. We were pooped and burnt...but had a wonderful day together!

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