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Oct 5, 2015

October is National Plan a Cruise Month!

Not only is October the greatest month of the year (ahem, my birthday may have something to do that fact) but it's also the start of National Plan a Cruise Month!! Yes, it's a real thing, don't look at me like that. ;) 

For the month of October, the cruise industry has come together to help everyone fall in love with cruising by featuring unprecedented cruise vacation offers – from chances to win dream cruise vacations each day of the month (#CruiseSmile) to receiving the best cruise deals and promotions available on the high seas. National Plan a Cruise Month aims to put cruise vacations in the spotlight and hopes to help travelers discover all the incredible experiences that a cruise vacation offers while putting to bed any common hesitations to the cruising way of travel. From now until October 31st, several cruise lines are offering special deals for travelers who book a cruise, including promotions offering as much as $1,500 in savings in addition to free upgrades and bonus packages once on board! If you've been thinking about booking a cruise for the end of this year or anytime in 2016...now's the time to pull the trigger, guys! With just a deposit, you can reserve your next cruise vacation at incredible pricing AND with bonus perks! I'll be sending out my October eNewsletter this week and it's chock full of these insane cruise deals. Sign up here, if you haven't already! 

In addition to the deals featured by all the major cruise lines, for THIS MONTH ONLY I'll also be sweetening the pot with FREE ONBOARD CREDIT, exclusively for my clients! Refer a friend and they also book a cruise, then YOU get an additional special gift from me! You can use this onboard credit for lots of things while sailing...purchase your celebratory "set sail" drinks, sign up for an at sea wine tasting, reserve a romantic dinner for 2 at a specialty restaurant, finally get that pedicure you've been needing wanting (ahem)...so many options, all on me!!

Why choose to book your cruise with me? Because I'm super fun, really cool, and giving you free money, obviously. But if that's not enough to sail you my way...not only will you be working with a seasoned cruiser (I won't tell you I'm going on 2 cruises this month, nope, I won't) and certified travel professional, but you'll be supporting a small business in the process! D and I are so grateful for the opportunities RLT Vacations has brought to our family and it's because of awesome travel-lovers (like you) who've trusted me to share my love of cruising and tailor it to their own cruise vacation needs. I would love the opportunity to work with you and get you sailing on your dream cruise in 2016! Remember, my services are 100% FREE! And I've made it super simple to get in contact with me. Just click right on the words below, fill out the form, and BOOM. You'll have a cruise no obligation quote from me within 24 hours! I'm not in the business of making people wait for fun. ;) Hope to chat with many of you soon!


  1. Wow, I had no idea! Maybe I'll take it as a hint? ;) I feel like it's time to head out to the sea again!

    -- LisaLDN.com

    1. Hahaha maybe so, Lisa!! And I hear ya, it's always a good time to cruise! Feel free to shoot me an email and we can find the right ship and best deal for you!

  2. Now I want to plan a cruise maybe I can suggest to Tim that we do it because it is plan a cruise month

    1. There you go, Jo-Anne! Fingers crossed he's on board with the idea! Feel free to email me if you do decide you'd like to take advantage of any cruise deal. Happy to help! :)


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