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Oct 6, 2014

When It Ain't Broke…Or Rather, When It Is

I'm not afraid to say when something isn't working, it's gotta go. And the new prompted version of Fresh Face Friday is saying "So long!" after only one month of its trial run. I'm bummed, y'all. But the gosh honest truth of it is--I just didn't see enough participation to keep coming up with things to write about and putting forth time & energy to constantly remind people to write about said prompts. I started to feel like I was beating a deader than dead horse. People just weren't that into it...and that's cool. Sad I couldn't make it a thing (because every blogger wants to have their weird ideas become things, amiright?), but I know we all have our own editorial calendars and things we want to share, so you gotta do you. And I've gotta do me. That's the beauty of blog world! What's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander. 

I am SO GRATEFUL for those of you who took the prompts seriously, wrote posts, and had fun with it. I got warm fuzzies reading each and every one of your posts (I did read them all!) and felt bummed when I finally realized I might need to nix the prompts. Even though my blog was getting more comments on Friday posts (which was so appreciated!), participation in FFF dropped by half. My blog getting more comments wasn't the point or goal of adding prompts. No sirree. The point was to keep the hop fresh, keep readers engaged, and give us all something fun to write about from time to time. But at the rate it was going, I felt like I was doing more of a disservice to my sponsors than I was creating networking opportunity. I hate getting rid of something that even a few enjoyed, but I don't want to loose traffic for my sponsors (that is why the blog hop even came to be in the first place) and I don't want to loose people who religiously (and respectfully) linked up each Friday. Connections were being made and I can't deny that just because I want my ideas to work. So, we're going back to a non-prompted version of the Fresh Face Friday Blog Hop, starting THIS FRIDAY! 

To those of you who were all for the prompted version, participated, and shared your hearts....THANK YOU! It was a sweet month. Heck, I even enjoyed writing about random stuff each Friday. Kept my creative juices flowing and the prompts allowed me to share more about myself with each of you. For those of you who skipped out the last 2 FFF's because of the prompts, come back! Link up whatever your heart desires in the coming weeks, but please, don't forget to visit other bloggers, leave heartfelt comments, and MAKE CONNECTIONS! That's really my only goal each Friday. Build community, get inspired, and spread the love, y'all. I'm going to try my darnedest to get to each blog that links up and leave love myself (I've been a lazy commenter this summer--tisk tisk). This blog is ever-growing, ever-changing--kinks and all! I hope to still have you all along for the journey!

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  1. I am sad to see fff go!! I think I didn't understand how to participate. And I really wanted to buy a space for that but it was out of my price range. Are you going to revamp your sponsorship options now? There is a large $20 gap between the first and second ad. And what I look for in sponsoring is giveaways and lots of twitter shoutouts. Please don't take this as criticism. I love your blog and am just trying to be helpful :)

  2. It sad to see it go but I glad you are keep the Friday link up.

  3. I loved the prompts and would have participated, but honestly, I'm slacking on my blog lately! Maybe you should do a prompted linkup at some point-- I'd totally participate!

  4. Friday is my busy day and it was hard enough to just post my five things for Friday

    1. No worries! I totally understand every blogger has things they've already committed to posting about, so it's all good! Whenever you've got free time, come on over and link up! :)

  5. I loved the prompts! But you gotta do what's best for you and your sponsors. I'll be back again on Friday. :)


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