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Jul 21, 2014

So, You're Moving To Wiesbaden? | WHERE TO EAT

Some of the top questions I receive in my inbox each week are about Wiesbaden, our former host city in Germany. Many people are planning their moves abroad, some have already began to call Wiesbaden home…but what they all have in common is their need to know the best places to eat, shop, see, and experience the wonders of their new home city. Over the last 3 years, I grew to love every square inch of Wiesbaden and feel very fortunate to have been able to live in such a beautiful part of Germany. Having lived so close to downtown (a mere 5-minute walk), D and I became quite familiar with the city center and all the wonderful shops and restaurants it had to offer. A sweet reader (and fairly new face to Wiesbaden-Hi Chrisy!) sent me an email asking if I'd start a series about Wiesbaden and share my top picks for dining, shopping, and attractions in the area. I'm not sure why I hadn't thought to do it before…but better late than never, right?! Here is just part 1 of my top picks for places you should be eating at in Wiesbaden and the surrounding area...ENJOY!

Ristorante Comeback | Goldgasse 13, 65183 Wiesbaden, Germany | +49 611 373802 
This was the very first restaurant D and I ever ate at in Wiesbaden...and like the name says, we always "comeback!" It's located in a charming alley downtown (appropriately dubbed "Italian Alley" by the Americans in town) and serves some of the most delicious fresh pasta dishes I've ever tasted. Their spaghetti Aglio e Olio is better than what I tried in Italy (seriously!) and the servers are all super friendly! A must-eat in Wiesbaden, for sure.

Vapiano |  Wilhelmstrasse 52, 65183 Wiesbaden, Germany | +49 611 1608773
Want fast food Italian without it tasting like fast food Italian? Vapiano is the restaurant for you! The concept is unique--grab a card, visit a food station (pizza, pasta, salad, etc.), choose how you like it, and your meal is made fresh to order while you wait and watch! Might I recommend their Caesar salad, bolognese, and carbonara salmone? Wash it down with a glass of Hugo and you've got a winning (quick!) dinner combo.

Aurum | Goldgasse 16, 65183 Wiesbaden, Germany | +49 611 3600877
Also located down "Italian Alley," Aurum is one of our fall/winter time favorites...mostly because of their AMAZING parmesan soup. It's to die for! Other favorites--margarita pizza, baked gnocchi, and the involtini mediterranean. Dine al fresco for the best ambiance!

Viva Los Tioz Tapas Bar | Goldgasse 10, 65183 Wiesbaden, Germany | +49 700 0567 8469
I can't even count how many times D and I ate here with friends over our 3 year tour in Wiesbaden. It's beyond delicious and such a fun dining experience! Located adjacent to "Italian Alley" in a small square, Viva Los Tios is perfect for a tapas-lovers night out. Best tapas on the menu? The chorizo, bacon wrapped dates, garlic dip (with bread), gambas de ajillo (shrimp in garlic), and patatas con alioli (potatos with garlic sauce). Basically anything with garlic will do. And if you're into exotic cocktails, try the caipirinha!

Enchilada | Schützenhofstraße 3, 65183 Wiesbaden, Germany | +49 611 45048350
 Germany isn't known for having stellar Mexican food, but if you're jonesing for a good margarita and burrito, Enchilada will fit the bill. Located in Wiesbaden's downtown pedestrian zone (Kirchgasse), Enchilada is easy to reach, has great happy hour drink specials, and has plenty of room for parties or a fun night out with friends.

Mexico Lindo (Mainz) | Adolf-Kolping-Straße 17, 55116 Mainz, Germany | +49 6131 228060
Another great option for Tex-Mex food, except this restaurant is located in Mainz, just a hop, skip, and jump from the Wiesbaden area. Mexico Lindo has excellent steak fajitas--best in town, I think! Owner is originally from Texas, so he knows a thing or two about spice and bold flavors. The taco salad and quesadilla are excellent choices as well!

Webers Wikinger | Grabenstraße 14, 65183 Wiesbaden, Germany | +49 611 307622
Hands down the best German/Viking food in all of Wiesbaden! We LOVE Webers...love it. Best dishes--the turkey escalope with fried potatoes and either the garlic or mushroom cream sauce, the bacon wrapped pork medallions, or the salmon fillet. If I were you, I'd eat the turkey escalope every single time...it wasn't my last meal in Germany for no reason! Reservations recommended.

Paulaner | Wilhelmstraße 58, 65183 Wiesbaden, Germany | +49 611 1667101
If you're hungry for traditional Bavarian cuisine, Paulaner won't disappoint. Aside from their famous beer, you can also find great schnitzles, yummy seasonal menus, and sausage platters typical of Bavarian cooking traditions. Their kasespatzel was my favorite in town! Located downtown right on Wilhelmstrasse.

Der Andechser RatskellerSchloßplatz 6, 65183 Wiesbaden, Germany | +49 611 300023 
Located under the Ratskeller in downtown Wiesbaden (just beside the beautiful Marktkirche), Der Andechers is most well-known for its monastery-brewed beer, but also serves a wide variety of traditional German dishes from rump roasts to afpelstrudel. I find the best part about the restaurant is the fun stube (beer/wine cellar) atmosphere.

Brahaus Castle (Mainz-Kastel)Otto-Suhr-Ring 27, 55252 Wiesbaden, Germany | +49 6134 24999
I've eaten at the Brauhaus Castle at least 3 dozen times. It's where I bring all our visitors for authentic German meals, it's where half of our squadron going away parties were held (large outdoor biergarten), and it's where D and I would go on date night every so often. Great schnitzles and spundekas, EXCELLENT salads (Rustica salad is my fave!), kitschy German ambiance, and wonderful beer brewed in-house. They also have tasty specials during spargle (white asparagus) and pumpkin seasons! Did I mention they have English menus and speak English? What's not to love about this place?!

Kafer'sKurhausplatz 1, 65189 Wiesbaden, Germany | +49 611 536200
If you're looking for a fancy French bistro-inspired night out, Kafer's, inside of the beautiful Wiesbaden Kurhaus, is the date night of your dreams. The restaurant itself is a piece of art--high ceilings, chandeliers, gilded mirrors--rich architecture around every turn. The food is quite the gastronomic adventure--lobster, lamb shanks, octopus salad--delights for all types of palates. While there is a small cover charge to eat there (roughly 3 euros per person), the food and atmosphere is worth experiencing at least once. Kafer's also serves a lovely Sunday brunch. Reservations recommended!

So many places to eat, so little time!
More suggestions to come in my next installment...so, stay tuned!


  1. I have aten a Mexico Lindo a few time. I need to go try out the Paulaner I keep hear great things about it. I'm so happy I came across you blog.

  2. Gah! You are such a bundle of knowledge - which is amazing!! I'll be tucking these back for places to visit many years from now! LOL! What a great list & I'm sure those that are already there or plan to visit/live there soon will most definitely appreciate this & this series!!

  3. I was only in Germany for a week and I feel homesick reading this post, haha! Luckily we hit spargle season... spargle with hollandaise is a gift from the gods!

    1. Ahh, spargle! How I'll miss that each spring!

  4. Great list - it's going straight onto the Eating Wiesbaden Facebook page :)

    I can't say I'm in total agreement with all your choices, but then how boring would it be if we all had the same taste ;) It's always interesting to hear someone else's recommendations though and I've never been to Viva Los Tioz Tapas Bar so I'm going to put that on my to try list. Thanks! :)

    1. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! And I agree...it's always nice to get perspectives from various types of palates. :)

  5. I love Vapiano! Thanks for sharing these, Dan and I have only dropped by Wiesbaden once but we liked it and would definitely go again for a day trip :).

  6. Okay, I'm now starving. And equally amazed that you can get a margarita in Germany. Great post!

  7. Ah Casey, you do not disappoint!! Thanks for the shout-out and for all these amazing recommendations. I promise to try every.single.one at some point while we are here :)

    1. You are so welcome, girl!! Be on the lookout for more recs to come! :)

  8. Food, who doesn't like food.............I know I like it a bit too much

  9. Enchilada and Vapiano... my favourites! Can never decide when I am at Vapiano, I could eat the whole menu, seriously.

    1. I totally could, too!! Love their pasta...and outdoor seating!

  10. Oooooh I love this idea to do when I leave Karlsruhe, although I've gotta say as a Texan, I HATE Enchilada - the food just comes nowhere close but the margaritas are decent.

    1. You totally should!! I'm sure you'd write a super helpful list! And about Enchilada...gotta say, it's the lesser of the evils in town. Good Tex-Mex is hard to come by around that area. Or at least what I was able to come across!


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