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Dec 23, 2013

Coffee Talk v.3

  • I've cried twice this weekend at the thought of possibly never attending a Christmas market in Germany ever again. This time of year here is so magical...so heartwarming...I hope we can find ways to make our own magic stateside next year. Or have the funds to someday come back for market season.
  • I'm terrified to open my inbox in the morning. Not because of blog emails, but because of the dozens of store coupons, sale reminders, and shop advertisements I receive. Consumerism is running rampant this year and I'm overwhelmed! The new word of my holiday season: UNSUBSCRIBE.
  • Is it just me or is Facebook turning into one giant annoying place where people incessantly post weird cat pictures, memes, and dozens of political articles no one cares about? I'm almost ashamed to say it, but I miss the days of reading about what you ate for breakfast and how many poops Johnny made this morning. I need original content, Facebook friends. Poops and all.
  • I LOVE this Christmas digital short. It's so stupid...but I've got to watch it every year. Jimmy Fallon plays a mean keyboard. 
  • Everyone loves Oprah, but honestly, I can't stand the woman. She comes on TV and my eyes involuntarily start to roll into the back of my head. Can't stop them. I won't delve into all the reasons why I don't care for her, but the gist is, I think she's self-righteous, not self-less like she hopes the world sees her as. Ellen Degeneres? Now, that's my girl!
  • For the longest time, I used to call Star Trek "Star Track." Glad I got that all figured out. #embarrassing
  • I think some moms out there are super duper creative with this Elf on the Shelf thing...but I'm totally not participating when D and I have kids. A good ole' fashioned spank on the bum worked nicely for my parents. And heck, the Elf on the Shelf looks like a pansy compared to Krampus, the German Christmas demon. Maybe we'll go that route. Remind me I said this when the time comes, kay?
  • I currently own 54 different scarves. D has put a 'scarf ban' on me as of late. He doesn't know that's what I asked my Mom to get me for Christmas.
  • I had a dream this week that my DSLR camera was sitting in a puddle of water. Every time I went to move it out of the puddle, another puddle of water would form underneath it. This kept happening until the puddles turned into waves. I woke up covered in sweat and totally panicked. I think I'm subconsciously afraid I'm going to drown my camera. Or I'm subconsciously aware that I'm drowning in a sea of unedited, un-blogged travel photos. Sorry to inform you, brian, I'm consciously aware of that too. So behind.
  • Confession: I'm secretly excited to move back to the states so we can start saving more money for something other than traveling.
  • I'm absolutely idiotic about optimizing blog SEO and keywords and all that other technical blog mumbo jumbo. I like watching my pageviews increase as much as the next gal, but geezaloo...this should be fun! Spreadsheets and editorial calendars ain't my thang. Kudos to those bloggers who get all that, but for those of us simpletons who don't (and don't care to learn), blog growing can be done without it. Promise.
  • I sleep on the right side of the bed. For some unexplainable reason, I don't sleep well (or at all) on the left side. Thankfully, D's a left side sleeper. We were obviously meant for each other.
  • Holiday foods that I hate: eggnog, fruitcake, candy canes, gumdrops, Christmas pudding, peanut brittle, those tri-flavored popcorn tins, persimmon pudding, Panettone, those butter cookies in the blue tin, chocolate oranges, hot buttered rum, and oh did I mention eggnog? Blech.
  • Speaking of eggnog, every year D tries to get me to try it again (like somehow I'll magically start liking it?). He hides it under the guise of milk, but I'm no dummy. Okayyyy, so I only fell for it once. He still tries the trick every year.
  • I ugly cried reading this. And watching this & this. And then reading this. I know, stop it.
  • I've secretly always wanted to take a calligraphy course. Hoping to check that off my bucket list upon returning back to the states.
  • Speaking of the states, D turns in his duty station "dream sheet" the end of this month. We also just got the list of possible locations we could move...and it's a short one. Fingers crossed the Air Force gods are kind and send us to one of the locations we're hoping for! FYI, all the bases we want are on the East coast. We need want to be closer to home this next assignment. re: babies :)
  • I've been reading the book The Circle Maker. It's about conditioning ourselves to pray boldly...by praying circles around our families, our goals & dreams, our problems, and God's faithful promises. I'm only halfway through it and it's already been a total eye opener. It's taken the way I pray and approach my walk with God to a whole new level. Worth a read, indeed. (Thanks, mom!!)
  • I'm feeling the burn of the blog reading Christmas fizzle. You know, that phenomenon where blog reading seems to come to a halt around major holidays? Pageviews are down, comments are down...less work for me, but I'm already missing the blogging camaraderie. So, if you're one of the 12 people reading this...Hi! I miss you! And thanks. :)
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  1. Maybe it's because I don't have kids (or friends with kids) but I hadn't even heard of Elf on the Shelf until this year. And let me tell you, it is just the strangest concept. As a child I would be terrified to spot that smirking elf doll peeking around the corner at me. And as a future parent, I think it's the biggest waste of time and impossible to live up to all of the Pinterest-worthy elf on shelf stories that a handful of moms come up with.

  2. Everything about this is so amazing!

    1. I hate eggnog too. My husband loves it.

    2. I'm a right side sleeper too! However my husband is weird about wanting to be closest to the door, so sometimes I have to compromise.

    3. The picture of your mug and the Christmas tree? GROGEOUS! Speaking of Christmas, I HATE elf on the shelf. Don't get it…at all.

    4. I only brought 5 scarves with me to Korea. While I've been here I've acquired 12. So that makes a total of 17 scarves here and at least 20 back home! I'm actually surprised D hasn't banned me from them yet. He has told me that he could care less if I wore them or not. lol.

    5. Thank you for being awesome.

  3. Eggnog is disgusting, elf on the shelf is creepy, and my husband thinks Oprah is the antichrist. :) Merry Christmas, Casey!

  4. Ugh! Elf on the Shelf! I loathe the Satan worker who created that. All I needed when I was a kid was the knowledge that Santa would give me coal if I was bad. I do not want a darn Elf that I have to worry about not touching or whatever, but then how do you explain to your child why other kids have the stupid thing and they don't? Ugh! Can you tell I'm annoyed?

  5. You may change your mind on the elf... Logan and Ryleigh LOVE Simon. P.S. We don't do the mischievous this, I mean Santa wants them to be good, so why would the Scott riff behave poorly? Today he is in the kitchen so he can watch us bake cookies.

    I don't even understand the eggnog, candy canes, butter cookies, and in general your whole foods sentiment! ;)

    1. That should day scout elf... Not scott riff

  6. I also do not like Oprah. Ever noticed that she is on every single cover of her magazine. Hello conceded. I hope you get stationed where you want to be. It would be frustrating to leave that up to someone else.

  7. I'm feeling the christmas fizzle myself. I am SO glad it's not just me, because I was feeling a little discouraged. I KNOW it will pick up in January when everyone is making goals and plans and whatnot, but it's hard to keep that bigger picture when the numbers tank for no reason. Note to self, stop checking the numbers.

    Also, Oprah.... can't stand her. At all. BLEH.

  8. - I totally feel the same way about the Oprah thing.
    - Star Trek- Yeah...I've been calling it "Track" all the way up until I read your post. Oops!
    - Elf on the Shelf: Amen Sister!
    - Although I like peanut brittle & gum drops, I'm with ya on the other stuff.
    - If my husband wasn't around to poke fun of me, I would ugly cry on that post, too. So beautifully sad.
    - I had a calligraphy pen once...I wasn't so good at using it. lol
    - I've been working on my praying, too. I'll have to check out that book.
    - Good luck on be stationed where you want to be. What state are you crossing your fingers for?

  9. get all of those Elf on the Shelf posts away from me. :)
    happy holidays, lady!

  10. My mother wanted to send us an Elf on the Shelf. I told her NO. She asked why and I said, "cause then we'll have to do it and I'll be cursing that dang elf at 3am when we forgot to move it."

    I'm reading your blog.

  11. I've cried thinking about never seeing some of the places I've been able to travel to as well. Be thankful that you were able to experience the Christmas Market! I think that feeling just gives you the incentive to make the most of your travels while you're there. Happy Holidays!

  12. I've never tried eggnog before, but it sounds disgusting! Merry Christmas!

  13. I haven't liked Oprah since I was in high school and she gave the Hurricane Katrina victims who attended her show diamond watches. Really?? How about a new job? Or a down payment for a house? How materialistic. Anyway, just wanted you to know you're not the only one who doesn't worship her! :)

  14. Yes to all of this, especially the bits about Elf on the Shelf and Oprah. Get your kids straightened out without using bribery (here's a tip: discipline). ...and Oprah needs to just stop.

    Love this!

  15. I loved this Coffee Talk :) I felt forced to do Elf on the Shelf when I taught kindergarten last year and it was exhausting. If I forgot to move the darn elf I would say that he had a good view of the bad kids in class so that's where he was going to stay for now. Hope you get your first pick for being stationed in the US! One of my best girl friends is engaged to a man in the Air Force and we're waiting to hear where they'll be going next year. I'm crossing my fingers that she stays here on the East Coast with me!

  16. I'm still reading! And I agree on SO many of these things.
    I'm COMPLETELY over facebook. I'm only on it so that people can send me invites. I pretty much never post anything anymore. As in, maybe 3 posts in 2013. Instagram? Love it!
    The Elf? I don't get it, and I don't understand why we need to add more stress to Christmas. It's hard enough to keep it Christ-focussed anymore, why add another bit of craziness? (But this is coming from someone who probably won't even do santa...over the whole thing)
    And I agree with you on most of the holiday foods, and Oprah - yuck - and I also have been dying to take calligraphy! I practice every once in a while :-) Merry Christmas!

  17. I'm not an Elf on the Shelf fan either, luckily France has a Krampus equivalent, his name is Le Pere Fouttard and he's scary as all get out!

  18. I'm one of the 12 :) I don't get any time to read unless it's the holidays. Thanks to my work schedule. I'm on winter break for two weeks so I am commenting and reading up a storm. Then I will drop off the blogsphere until my next holiday :(

  19. I love these posts. I also hate egg nog and am becoming a scarfaholic (nowhere near as many as you yet though). I hope you end up where you want as well. When do you officially find out? Merry Christmas!

  20. Dying to hear where you want to/will be stationed next! My husband and I are at MacDill in Tampa and we're HOPING to end up in Germany at some point in our time with the Air Force. Reading your blog has made me even more hopeful! We're here for two more years though, so for now I'm living vicariously through other people and their PCS excitement!


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