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Aug 17, 2011

Heidelberg, Germany

Two weekends prior to the move into our flat, we took a day trip to explore the city of Heidelberg! It was one of the cities on our list to see and I couldn't wait to check it off. D and I had been told by some of his co-workers that Heidelberg castle was one of must-see castles in Germany. I'd have to say they were right! It was a beautiful castle (although mostly destroyed from various lightning storms and the 30 years war) and the city was lovely as well.  Heidelberg is a university town, much like Mainz-Kastel is where D's squadron is located, although it's much prettier in my opinion. It is home to the University of Heidelberg, the oldest university in Germany. Heidelberg is also a very popular tourist destination, mostly because of the castle, but also for the beautiful baroque style Old Town. And for all you non-milspouse readers out there, did you know that Heidelberg is also home to a US Army installation since 1951? Yep, it's true! Now on to the photos!

View of Heidelberg from the castle

Inside the castle courtyard

These photos were taken on our tour of the castle. So worth the 4 euro each.

Another view of the courtyard from inside the castle

Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart's children...or at least a few portraits of them.

Castle chapel.

D and I standing in front of one of the largest wine barrels I'd ever seen! There was an even bigger one in a cellar around the corner.

Eating my first official German pretzel! It was lackluster to say the least.

Another view of Heidelberg taken from the castle garden wall.

Finally out of the castle, we made our way into the city. Here is the Marktplatz.

Schneeballen or "snowballs." They are a dessert first created in Rothenburg ob der Tauber by bakers who wanted nothing to go waste. They used all their baking scraps to form these dough balls, fried them, and covered them with chocolate and all kinds of sweet toppings.

University shop

Making our way across the bridge to have a little picnic with our Schneeballen.

View of the castle from the bridge. So cool!

The view from our picnic spot. What a lovely way to end our visit to Heidelberg.

Seriously? D was a monster with that snowball! Have to say though, they really aren't that tasty. But, when in Germany?!


  1. I loved Heidelberg when I visited there after college. It's so cute and quaint, I'd never move if I landed there. And funny family story, myself, Mr. Wookie, and Mr. Wookie's mom all have great pictures of our separate travels to Heidelberg that it's funny to see how it looked in the 70's and then when Mr. Wookie went, and then when I went!

    Enjoy your travels as you move around the great countryside! I'll be living vicariously through you!!

  2. Looks like you guys had such a great time - especially with all that beautiful scenery! Kind of a bummer about the food not being so tasty, tho! Noted if I ever make it over there :)


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