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Mar 9, 2015

GlobeIn Artisan Box: The Globe Straight to Your Mailbox!

[The following is a sponsored post featuring products c/o GlobeIn, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support this blog!]

Every few months I get approached by a handful of monthly box subscription companies asking me review their boxes on my blog. Most of the time, I decline. I'm not a huge fan of monthly subscription-type things (mostly because I like to save my money for Target shopping splurges, let's be honest). However, when I was approached by the kind people of GlobeIn about reviewing their Artisan Box, I absolutely couldn't say no. Why, you ask? A number of reasons pop into mind...

Each month, GlobeIn delivers “the globe in a box” - a themed collection of artisan-made products from around the world. GlobeIn introduces you to products that you can feel good about purchasing -- they are often organic, fair trade, and they support artisans and farmers from all around the world. Each box also includes stories on the country of origin of each product as well as the stories of the artisans and farmers themselves, so you know exactly how a product is sourced and/or made and who you're supporting. Not to mention, these boxes are ADORABLE. All of the items are packaged neatly into a colorful weaved basket that you can use for all kinds of things. My basket is currently a gorgeous piece of decor in my home office! See why I couldn't say no? ;)

You can score your monthly subscription for The Artisan Box for as low as $30 a month for a six-month subscription. It’s $35 dollars for a month-by-month subscription and shipping is FREE in the United States! Don't live in the USA? No problem...they ship to Canada for $12 and $15 internationally. Thanks to GlobeIn and the Artisan box, now everyone can try new products & support artisans from all over the world!

The theme of February's Artisan Box was "World Kitchen"...right up my alley! Inside the 
colorful basket was:

- A package of Nicaraguan Fair Trade Ground Coffee by Boca Java in Nicaragua 
- Inkasalt Fair Trade Fine Pink Salt by Natierra in Sacred Valley of Peru
- Packets of Coconut Palm Sugar by Big Tree Farms in Java, Indonesia
-Madagascar Bourbon Pure Ground Vanilla by Lafaza in Madagascar
- A hand thrown & painted mini-tagine by Le Souk Ceramique in Nabeul, Tunisia
- A gorgeous fair trade cotton kitchen towel by El Tun in Antigua, Guatemala

Right off the bat, I was impressed. So many goodies that I would actually use! D and I dove right into the coffee, brewing up a hot pot and lusting over the aroma. It was bold, but not bitter...exactly how I like my morning cup. The hand towel is beautifully made, soft, and I love the yellow stitching. The tagine was probably my favorite item. Such a cute (and useful) piece that's now sitting by my spice rack in the kitchen! Reminds me of my visit to Morocco every time I look at it. I also can't wait to bake with the vanilla bean paste. I imagine the vanilla flavor will be so much bolder than typical vanilla extract. YUM!

It's safe to say I instantly fell in love with GlobeIn's unique take on the monthly box subscription. I loved reading about where each of the items were from and how each artisan runs their small business and cultivates their products. For the worldly traveler, or for those looking to support farmers and artisans in other countries, the Artisan box is perfect curated for you. I look forward to seeing what global treasures future months bring! 

Want to a piece of the globe straight to your mailbox?
Use code WTRLT to get 25% OFF 3 month subscriptions or gifts for the GlobeIn Artisan Box!


  1. What a cool box! Two of my favorite things ... cooking and products from around the world!

  2. What an interesting product! As someone with no firm income it's not something I could consider but it would be so awesome to get that little parcel every month!

  3. oh how neat!! Haven't see this box before!

  4. Ah, this looks amazing!
    A little bit too expensive to get shipped to the UK though... :'(

    How to be a Wanderluster

  5. Woo this looks like a bloody awesome box

  6. this is an interesting box with some yummy goodies.

  7. I'm not quite ready yet to commit to any subscription boxes, but this is one that has tempted me!

  8. Very cool, definitely going to check it out!


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