Oct 10, 2014

FRESH FACE FRIDAY [& Blog Hop!]: Meet Olya & Lauren

Welcome back to the NON-PROMPTED Fresh Face Friday! Woo! I'm thrilled to see you all here and hope you've all had a lovely week! Today, D and I will be attending our first fancy dress-up event for his new squadron. It's being held at Cape Canaveral at the port viewing tower, so I'm pretty stoked for a night of dinner, mingling, and watching cruise ships sail in. Anything to do with cruising, I'm sold! Although it's totally going to make me want to jump off the dock and right onto a ship. Hopefully D will be able to hold me back. :) We're also pretty thrilled to have a 3-day weekend ahead of us--thanks Christopher Columbus! We'll probably hit the beach and do some things around the house, but mostly we'll be enjoying time together. The weeks pass by so slowly these days now that we've settled into Florida living. I forgot what it was like not to have boxes to unpack, meetings to attend, or trips to jet off on. Although, that last one is a tough pill to swallow lately...but I'm hanging in there! Thankfully I've got beautiful beaches & Disney World to fill those travel gaps. :)

Before you guys head off to enjoy your weekends, take a quick minute to visit my first two October Fresh Faces and link your own blog up to the Blog Hop! No better way to share your space and get connected with like-minded bloggers! Cheers to the weekend, friends!

Miss Olya (pronounced Oleeya...love it!), of the fun-loving NEW travel & lifestyle blog, The Siberian American! Olya's first language is Russian, but she currently calls Texas home along with her husband, Chris. As Olya begins to build her blogging community, you'll be able read posts recapping her travels and thoughts from her everyday life. And if you're in the need of a second set of eyes and writing skills, she also offers editing services! Welcome Olya to blog land today and spend some time getting to know this sweet traveling girl!

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This is Lauren, a self-proclaimed combination of Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope (love that!), a TV & entertainment industry mega fan, and an avid blogger with an affinity for donuts, high heels, and freshly painted nails. Over on her blog, Lot 48, Lauren writes about life with her hubby (super sweet love story), shares her insights on the world of television, and recently recapped her study abroad in London (best city ever!). She also just opened up her blog's ad shop! Go girl! Head on over and read more about Lauren today!

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  1. Florida beaches and Disney World sound pretty awesome to me! And thanks for the ABC of travel prompt, I had a blast writing my post!

  2. Hope you enjoy your long weekend! Hitting the beach doesn't sound too terrible right about now :)

  3. Have fun at your fancy dress-up event! Isn't it fun to have an excuse to dress up? I hope you have a great weekend on the beach! :)

  4. Yay! Excited to visit some awesome new blogs. :)


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