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Feb 3, 2014

Last Scenes From Marrakech

I took so many photos in Morocco. SO MANY. It was hard not to keep my finger on the shutter button, for fear I'd miss something remarkable. While guided tours aren't my favorite way to see a destination, having a tour bus to hop on to get from place to place has its perks. We were able to stuff so many great attractions into just 7 hours in Marrakech. Not to mention, seeing more of the city (and different perspectives) just from riding around. The air condition was a bonus, too. The photos I'm sharing today are just a mish-mosh of images that just didn't fit anywhere else in my previous Marrakech posts...but were too powerful not to share. These last images from our time in Morocco really encapsulate the essence of Marrakech. The city, the colors, the culture...Marrakech had a unique flavor and pulse all its own. It's like no place we'd ever visited (a far cry from the kitschy villages of Europe we're so use to frequenting), but it left a lasting impression on our hearts nevertheless. 

Have you ever been somewhere so vastly different from your usual vacations? 
Ever traveled to a destination you just couldn't stop photographing?

I hope you've enjoyed these Marrackech recaps as much as we enjoyed experiencing them firsthand! 
Up next on our Spanish cruise rewind...the island of Madeira in sunny Portugal!


  1. I love how colourful your pictures are, what a great place to visit. added to my bucket list.

  2. Love these photos! One of the things that really struck me while visiting Egypt was how openly and consistently people practiced their faith. As soon as the call to prayer sounded, taxis and busses would stop, restaurants would momentarily shut down, and prayer rugs would emerge from every which corner and cranny. While it was a bit shocking at first, after a couple of times I came to see it as quite a beautiful ritual :)

  3. I love the prayer shots. And the rugs oh the rugs. The colors of everything there just seem so vibrant!

    1. Those are some of my favorite scenes, too! Really gives you a peek into their culture. Such a fascinating city! :)

  4. So funny... we actually ate lunch at that Kasbah cafe that you have there on the roof... such a cool space up there :)

  5. Amazing pictures - I would really love to go to Morocco.

    It looks like you have had some great experiences while being abroad.

  6. Wow! All those snakes!! It's so neat to see all the different cultures!!

  7. Love the snake shot! Brings back memories when I was standing right in that same spot and this guy put two snakes around my neck without telling me. Ahhhhh!

  8. That is so different but so beautiful!

  9. Morocco is on my travel bucket list--your pictures make me even more excited about going one day! I've heard mixed thoughts on how Morocco is for Westerners. Did you feel accepted? Were you harassed at all?

  10. Bloody great photos of what must had been a bloody great experience

  11. What an amazing exprience this must have been. So culturly different from where we are fun. Have fun on your next adventure! Can't wait to read about it.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  12. oh my goodness…how stunning! i'm lusting over all your adventures. guh. i saw you on erin's blog as a sponsor. i am too! showing some sponsor love! new reader! karli

  13. I would have never been able to get anywhere near the snakes! I've loved all of your Marrakech posts, what an interesting place to travel. Love the vibrancy.

  14. Absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to go there...


  15. When I was in Marrakech, I took IDENTICAL photos to pics #5 and #6! Well, except mine have different people in them ;)

  16. Hope that Morocco would be full of interesting travel adventures, thank you for sharing it with us.
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