Dec 7, 2013

REVIEWED: Hotel Scan

**This is a paid review of the website All thoughts & opinions are my own.**

I was contacted by the company Hotel Scan about a month ago. Before that, I'd never really heard about the website. Come to find out, it's a fairly new hotel price comparison website designed to help you easily price out accommodations in various cities around the world. Right up my alley, huh? Lucky for me, I was knee deep in the process of planning our spring visit to Dublin, Ireland and still hadn't found the perfect place to stay. 
Hotel Scan to the rescue!

After typing in "Dublin" and our travel dates into the search feature, a slurry of different hotels popped up for me to compare. The site has all the typical options for narrowing down your results...price per night, amenity check boxes, and hotel stars. But what I really enjoyed about Hotel Scan was that you could click the "More Prices" button under each hotel and see what other hotel booking websites were charging for a stay in each particular room category. That saved me a lot of time and trouble hopping around the internet for the best price available. I'm all for saving time and money while travel planning! I also really enjoyed the modern design and ease of navigation presented by Hotel Scan. Want to know what hotel amenities are available? Just click the info button! Want past traveler reviews from a myriad of booking sites instead of just one site? Just click the green review score and it's all right there at your fingertips. Hotel Scan is extremely comprehensive, leaving no accommodation detail to chance. 

After comparing the Dublin hotels available to me for my travel period with all the comfort amenities I required for my trip, I found the best price with one of my favorite hotel booking sites and clicked right on over to book my room. Done and done! The ease of the hotel searching process was was ten fold to trying to navigate a comparison tool on a booking site. All the information I needed to make my travel dreams a reality were packaged nicely into Hotel Scan. With all the traveling we do these days, it's just the ticket to helping me keep my sanity during the research process! Got a trip coming up? Not sure where to stay? Let Hotel Scan lead the way!


  1. Oh, I hope you have a blast in Dublin! It wasn't my favorite place to visit, but I did love Ireland. Thanks for sharing this site.

  2. Just added this site to my favorites. I know I'll be using it soon! Thanks!

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